Avocado Chicken Burger

There is a possibility that chicken burgers will be unpleasant and unappealing by their very nature. However, not these! The fact that these chicken burger patties have crispy golden edges while still having a juicy interior is something that you are going to absolutely enjoy.

Given that it is stacked high on soft, toasted buns and topped with a substantial amount of creamy avocado, this burger has the potential to be the one that you have been dreaming of all along. (Perfect for grilling steaks for a delicious meal.) There is a prevalent belief that chicken burgers are flavorless and dry. This view is pervasive. It is possible that this is due to the fact that chicken burgers are frequently offered on menus as a healthier option than beef burgers, which are notorious for the amount of fat that they contain.

Avocado Chicken Burger
Avocado Chicken Burger

In addition to being flavorless, underseasoned, overdone, and dry, the patties are packed into a burger bun and topped with another set of ingredients that are as boring.

It is the combination of parmesan, garlic, and sage powder that gives these burgers made with ground chicken their incredible flavor. Sage powder is the secret ingredient that makes these burgers so delicious! Considering that they are golden on the outside and juicy on the inside, there is no way that anyone could ever accuse them of having a bland quality!!!

Just a few notes on some of the items:

Ground chicken (mince) – the flavourings in the chicken patties work equally well with turkey or pork.

Parmesan adds great flavour into the patties. It doesn’t make it taste cheesy, it adds umami(which is the food-tech term for savoury-ness).

Sage is the herb flavouring in these chicken patties. It adds an earthy flavour that really gives these chicken burgers the edge! If you don’t have or can’t find ground sage, thyme is a terrific alternative, OR using celery salt in place of ordinary salt.

For the purpose of making the overall eating experience more satisfying, I have incorporated a substantial amount of avocado into this recipe. In my opinion, avocado is the element that draws the entire burger together, causing everything to come together in such a beautiful way.

To be more specific, the chicken burger patties themselves are the focus of today’s meal; therefore, you are free to experiment with a wide variety of other burger toppings. What you should or should not put on your burger is something that you should never let anyone tell you! The following are some suggestions:



500g/ 1.2 lb ground chicken (mince) (Note 1)

1 cup panko breadcrumbs

Avocado Chicken Burger
Avocado Chicken Burger

1 egg

3/4 cup parmesan , finely grated (Note 2)

cup green onion , finely sliced (~2 stems)

2 garlic cloves , minced

1/2 tsp dried sage (Note 3)

1/2 tsp salt and pepper , each


2 tbsp olive oil

4 soft burger buns or brioche buns

1 avocado (big!) (or 2 medium)

60g / 2 oz rocket / arugula or other lettuce of choice

2 tomatoes , sliced

4 slices Swiss cheese (or other cheese)



Place Pattie ingredients in bowl, mix well with hands.
Form 4 patties, 1.5cm / 3/5″ thick, slightly larger than the buns (shrinks slightly). If mixture is super sticky (Note 4), either refrigerate mixture for 30 minutes, or wet hands or lightly spray hands with oil (I do this).
Avocado Chicken Burger
Avocado Chicken Burger
Heat oil in skillet over medium high heat. Add patties, working in batches. Cook for 2 minutes or until deep golden, then flip.
After 1 minute, top with a piece of cheese and place lid on to melt cheese.
Once cheese is melted, remove patties from skillet.


Split buns and lightly toast in oven or under broiler/grill.
Cut avocado in half, scoop out a generous amount then “smash” it on the base of the bun with a fork. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Top with Chicken Pattie, then rocket/arugula and tomato.
Smear the top bun with mayonnaise (or relish, ketchup, other condiment of choice) and place lid on bun.
Devour and be happy!


What are Avocado Chicken Burgers?

The Avocado Chicken Burger is a distinctive variety of burger that is prepared by combining ground chicken with avocado and a variety of seasonings, forming the mixture into patties, and then grilling or cooking the patties.

How do I make Avocado Chicken Burgers?

It is necessary to have ground chicken, ripe avocados, breadcrumbs (or another binder), garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings that you choose in order to prepare Avocado Chicken Burgers. Prepare the patties by combining all of the ingredients, shaping them into patties, and then cooking them until they are completely done, either on a grill or in a skillet.

Can I use any type of chicken for these burgers?

When it comes to avocado chicken burgers, ground chicken is the greatest option. Generally speaking, you can get ground chicken at the majority of supermarket stores. Because they are made with ground chicken, the patties are able to maintain their shape and cook uniformly.

How do I know when the Avocado Chicken Burgers are done?

When it is thoroughly cooked, the chicken should have an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celsius). In order to determine the temperature, you might make use of a meat thermometer. In addition, the patties should be solid to the touch and the middle should no longer be pink from the cooking process.

What can I serve with Avocado Chicken Burgers?

Traditional burger toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese, can be used to accompany Avocado Chicken Burgers when your guests order them. You may also serve them with a side of salad, coleslaw, fries made with sweet potato, or fries made with regular potatoes.

Can I freeze Avocado Chicken Burger patties?

You are able to freeze the patties of the Avocado Chicken Burger option. Put the patties that have been created on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper, and then freeze them until they are solid. After they have been frozen, place them in a freezer bag or another container that is airtight. After being frozen, they can be stored for up to three months. Before grilling or cooking them, you should first allow them to defrost in the refrigerator for a full day.

Are Avocado Chicken Burgers healthy?

It is possible to make avocado chicken burgers that are nutritious, particularly if you use lean ground chicken and add only a small amount of additional fat. These burgers are an excellent source of both protein and healthy fats because avocados contain a high concentration of healthy fats as well as other minerals.

Can I customize the seasoning in Avocado Chicken Burgers?

You may, in fact, tailor the seasoning to your own personal preferences in terms of flavor. To make the burgers taste better, you may boost their flavor by adding herbs and spices such as cilantro or parsley, as well as spices such as paprika, cumin, and chili powder.

Are Avocado Chicken Burgers suitable for a gluten-free diet?

Gluten-free Avocado Chicken Burgers can be made by either adding gluten-free breadcrumbs or completely omitting the breadcrumbs from the recipe. You should just make sure that all of the other ingredients are also free of gluten. For the purpose of making the overall eating experience more satisfying, I have incorporated a substantial amount of avocado into this recipe. In my opinion, avocado is the element that draws the entire burger together, causing everything to come together in such a beautiful way.


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