10  Best Plum Nail Designs and Ideas to Try

Here's the dirt on over 115 plum nail designs and ideas for you to try!  

We're thrilled to walk you through this collection, which features a range of styles from traditional to current, subtle to dramatic, all in the alluring shade of plum.  

Simple Plum Polish

Often, we love the sophistication and elegance that a simple plum polish brings to our nails. It’s a nod to the classy and timeless, with a trendy twist. 

Plum and Gold Glitter

We’ve all got to admit, there’s something extraordinarily chic about combining plum and gold glitter in a nail design. 

Matte Plum Elegance

In our search for the next chic nail design, let’s take a moment to admire the elegance of matte plum nails. 

Plum French Tip

Moving on from the matte elegance, let’s dive into the world of plum French tips, a twist on the classic manicure that we’re sure you’ll adore. 

Ombre Plum Design

After exploring the elegance of plum French tips, let’s now turn our attention to the mesmerizing world of ombre plum nail designs. 

Plum and White Artistry

Next on our list is the striking combination of plum and white artistry, a design that truly takes plum nails to another level. 

Deep Plum Stiletto Nail

Diving into the world of deep plum stiletto nails, we’re certain you’ll fall in love with this daring, dramatic design. 

Plum and Silver Sparkle

Switching to the stunning world of plum and silver sparkles, we’ve got an array of designs that’ll leave you starstruck. 

Plum Lace Nail Art

This trend, often flaunted on Instagram, uses a cool plum base with delicate lace-like patterns in either white or a lighter pink. 

Marbled Plum Magic

In our journey through plum nail designs, we’ve now arrived at the stunning Marbled Plum Magic. 

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