11 symptoms that you've chosen singlehood as a means of self-discovery.

Choosing to embrace singlehood as a path to self-discovery can be a powerful and fulfilling journey.    

It allows individuals to focus on personal growth, self-awareness, and the development of a deeper relationship with themselves.   

Here are 11 signs that you are intentionally choosing singlehood as a path to self-discovery:   

You Prioritize Self-Care: You make self-care a non-negotiable part of your routine. This may involve setting aside time for meditation, exercise, journaling, or simply enjoying your own company   

You Embrace Independence: You are comfortable with the idea of being independent and self-reliant. You don't feel the need to rely on a romantic partner for your happiness or well-being.   

You Have Clear Goals: You have a vision for your life and clear goals that you are actively pursuing. Singlehood allows you to stay focused on your ambitions and personal growth without the distractions or compromises that can come with a romantic relationship.   

You Enjoy Solitude: You appreciate and even relish moments of solitude. You find joy in spending time alone, whether it's reading, traveling, or simply being present with your thoughts. Solitude fuels your self-discovery journey.   

You Embrace Learning: You have a hunger for personal growth and self-improvement. You actively seek opportunities to learn, whether through books, courses, or experiences. You see singlehood as a time to expand your knowledge and enrich your life.   

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