3 Zodiac Signs Feel Emotionally Ready For A Breakup On March 27, 2024

 What a row of aggressive transits! We will get a taste of what it's like to be in a relationship during a Scorpio Moon square Pluto and Mars on Wednesday, March 27.

  It feels like someone is pushing you out the door. This transit will most likely result in one of the three zodiac signs notifying the other that they want to leave.

 Even while that never feels ideal, we might have our justifications. We might have every right to feel and think the way we do.

  This transit tells us that we have had enough and that we need to make a change immediately, and it does this by being forceful and possibly even irritating.

 Now, we must remember that this is not brand-new information. For quite some time, we have been considering terminating our relationship.

 We feel like we have the courage to truly intervene on this day and demand that it stop right away.

 You've become so irritated by it that you're genuinely thinking about "really" breaking up.

 1. Virgo 

 2. Sagittarius 

 Given the opportunity to leave the relationship you're presently in, would you take that chance and do it? Would you end up folding and settling for what you have.

 That's all you want out of this. It is well known to you. You've kept it private. The fact is, you simply can't stand it any longer on March 27, when the Scorpio Moon is in a square orbit around Pluto and Mars.

 3. Capricorn 

 You can waver between thinking that "maybe it's me," and not thinking it.  It's not a horrible way to look at it either, because perhaps it 'is' you, or perhaps it's the two of you.

  We have a tendency to believe that once we get together, we can stay together forever.

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