5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love By March 31, 2024

 At home is where happiness starts. Regarding matters of the heart, that is the message and topic for the final week of the month.

  After all, when the internal atmosphere is chaotic, love cannot blossom.

 If the five Chinese zodiac signs—Pig, Horse, Dog, Ox, and Dragon—find inner peace, they will have the best luck in relationships.

 The other signs of the zodiac will gain by embracing this knowledge as well.

 Earth over Lake is this week's I Ching hexagram of love (#19). Because of previous deeds, it represents immense power and promise, particularly in the near future. 

 Therefore, don't expect huge improvements in a single day. Strive for all-encompassing daily routines that will assist you in gradually realizing your enormous potential.

 If you aim high, Pig, you will have great luck finding love this week if you are single. So try not to allow issues with your self-worth depress you.

 1. Pig

 Horse, you're going to feel so much better this week if you're single. Give yourself permission to shine and wear whatever makes you feel fortunate and joyous.

 2. Horse

 Dog, if you're single, this week will be all about sticking to your principles and not letting cunning individuals or covert adversaries force you to back down from your desires.

 3. Dog

 If you're single, Ox, your outfit has a big influence on your chances of finding love.

 4. Ox

 Dragon, this week's travels will determine how lucky you are in love if you're single.

 5. Dragon

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