8 Best Nail Designs To Try In Summer 2024

Tropical Sunset Ombre: Create a gradient effect on your nails using warm sunset colors like orange, pink, and yellow. Blend the colors smoothly from one to another for a seamless transition. Add palm tree silhouettes or tropical motifs for a summery vibe. 

Fruit Salad Nails: Paint each nail a different bright color inspired by your favorite summer fruits like watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, and orange. Add tiny seeds or accents to mimic the textures of the fruits. This playful design is perfect for adding a pop of color to your summer look. 

Beachy Waves and Seashells: Paint a light blue base coat on your nails to represent the ocean. Use a nail art brush to create white wave patterns across each nail. Add small seashell decals or draw them freehand for a beach-inspired manicure that captures the essence of summer. 

Neon Pop Art: Embrace bold, vibrant colors with a pop art-inspired nail design. Paint each nail a different neon shade and use black nail polish to outline geometric shapes, hearts, or comic book-style speech bubbles. This eye-catching design is sure to make a statement. 

Mermaid Scales: Create a mermaid-inspired manicure with iridescent nail polish and scale-like patterns. Use a makeup sponge to dab on different shades of shimmering blue, green, and purple to mimic the colors of a mermaid's tail. Add a touch of sparkle with glitter polish for an enchanting look. 

Tropical Floral Paradise: Paint a white base coat on your nails and add vibrant tropical floral designs using bright colors like hot pink, coral, and lime green. Incorporate palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, and other tropical motifs for a cheerful and summery manicure 

Rainbow Tie-Dye: Channel the carefree spirit of summer with a rainbow tie-dye nail design. Apply a white base coat and use a thin nail art brush or toothpick to swirl together different colors of nail polish in a tie-dye pattern. Finish with a glossy top coat for a psychedelic and fun look. 

Sunshine Yellow and Polka Dots: Paint your nails a sunny yellow shade and add white polka dots using a dotting tool or the tip of a toothpick. Arrange the dots in various patterns or create a classic polka dot manicure for a cheerful and retro-inspired look that's perfect for summer. 

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