9 Terrace Garden Ideas to Add Greenery to Your Home

You're lucky if you live in the city and have a deck, no matter how big or small. 

The patio, where you can chill out and unwind, is a good thing. 

Love nature and fresh air? Here are some great ideas for your terrace yard. 

All homeowners with front yard space must grow a small garden. This will beautify your home and give you a great new activity. 

I just toss the salad in lemon and olive oil, then top with generous dollops of my favorite lemony pea pesto. This kale quinoa salad recipe strikes the ideal combination of creamy, crunchy, fresh, and hearty features,

and I think the brilliant colors and lemony, herbaceous flavors make it the great spring dish.

This meal provides an excellent light and nutritious (but still substantial) dinner. Hopefully, you have leftovers because this dish is ideal for meal prep! If you cook this salad ahead of time, follow these simple steps for successful meal prep:

Grow Organic Produce  

Include Raised Bed 

The best foods to help you sleep

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