A Bloody Tom Cruise Is on the Run in New 'Mission: Impossible 8' Set Image

Is it still a Mission: Impossible film without Tom Cruise? Is it still a Tom Cruise film if Tom Cruise is not in it? Good news, folks—

if the latest set photographs from Mission: Impossible 8 (certainly not the final title) are any indication, 

we're getting some running done, and Ethan Hunt isn't doing so well. Images released on Twitter show Cruise in full swing in front of London's

 Houses of Parliament, with Big Ben looming enormous in the background, and looking a bit worse for wear, with his shirt stained. What did the Entity do this time?

The film, formerly known as Dead Reckoning - Part Two, has been in production in the UK for some time, after the previous installment,

Dead Reckoning, shot a large portion of the film in and around the Peak District and Derbyshire area,

including an incredible steam train crash in which the locomotive plummets into a quarry

Given the length of Cruise's hair, the film will certainly have a substantial time leap from the previous picture, adding an air of suspense to the plot.

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