"Sexiest athlete in the world" Alica Schmidt says that despite hardly being able to support herself in her sport, she rejected down a "six-figure" sponsorship proposal.

The "world's sexiest athlete," a German track star, claims that she declined a large payment from a   

well-known" sponsor even though she seldom makes any money from her sport.  

The 25-year-old social media star Alica Schmidt claims she recently declined a sponsorship that would have paid her thousands of dollars because she wasn't quite convinced about the business.  

"I got an offer from a well-known business two months ago. However, I wasn't entirely in favor of it,"   

Schmidt admitted on the OMR podcast, as reported by the German daily Bild.  

"That doesn't feel right to me. That corresponds to a mid- to high-six figure. for a political campaign.  

In addition to sponsorships, collaborations, and social media, Schmidt also receives a meager wage from her position as a member of the German national team.  

She disclosed in October that national team players only receive sponsorship deals for about $739 per month,   

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