All about Klay Thompson's brothers, Trayce and Mychel Thompson

Klay Thompson's family has extensive experience in professional sports.

The basketball star, Stephen Curry's right-hand man for the Golden State Warriors, grew raised in an athletic family. 

 His father, Mychal Thompson, is an NBA champion who played for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s and 1990s. His mother, Julie Thompson, was a college volleyball and track & field athlete.

It's no surprise that the couple's three children, Klay, Trayce, and Mychel, have achieved success in professional sports. 

 Klay and Mychel play basketball, while Trayce plays baseball.

"Within our family, it was like any other family," Trayce once told Bleacher Report. "I never saw my father as simply an athlete. 

 "My brothers were my brothers." However, unlike most other families, the three sons competed differently. 

 Trayce won a driveway basketball game against Mychel when they were younger. "He said he was going to run away," Trayce recalled. "It was funny."

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