Another Reason to Love Kevin Costner: He Cast His Parents in Movies

Yellowstone fans are looking forward to the series' final episodes, which are expected to premiere in November. That includes Ree Drummond, who considers it one of her favorite shows "

 despite the fact that her celebrity crush, Kevin Costner, may no longer appear on it. But there is another reason to adore over him. Before being John Dutton,

Costner was his parents' little boy—and he cast them in his films.Sharon and William Costner were deeply committed to their son. On the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,

 Costner stated that his parents followed him to his Little League games and other activities. Eventually, his parents appeared in his films. 

 Sharon worked as a background actor in Tin Cup (1986) and For the Love of the Game (1999), the latter being one of Ree's favorite baseball films! Imagine involving your mother and father in your most ardent pursuits—that is a true family guy.

When Costner directed his debut film, Dances with Wolves (1990), his parents were right with him. The two rented a trailer and parked it near the filming location in South Dakota. 

"I would look up on the hill in the morning and they had two lawn chairs and a motor home, and I'd go work with all the guys and I'd see my mom wave at me!" Costner appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2014.

Costner gave his father a modest part in the film. "I said, 'You want to be in the movie, you want to save me?' And he said, 'Yeah,'" Costner recalled in the same interview. 

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