Atlanta Falcons' Terry Fontenot On Kirk Cousins: 'A Multiplier For Us!'

 Terry Fontenot of the Atlanta Falcons on Kirk Cousins: 'A Multiplier For Us!' Terry Fontenot.

  general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, is eager to see what Kirk Cousins can offer.

 The Atlanta Falcons, who have struggled with poor quarterback play over the last two seasons,,,

 are hoping that free agent acquisition Kirk Cousins can be the answer to their problems.

 The Falcons believe that improving at quarterback is the last necessary step to returning to the postseason.

 . The elements are in place; they have a strong arsenal of weapons, a formidable offensive line, and a defense that made significant progress in 2023.

  The Falcons have a strong chance of making the playoffs for the first time since 2017 if Cousins can improve the offensive line.

 On October 23, 2023, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, quarterback Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings (8) throws a,,,

 It should come as no surprise that Terry Fontenot, general manager of the Falcons, is excited to see what his new quarterback can do.

 "To bring a player like that -- knowing the mindset, the mentality, the leadership; all those areas -- we know he's going to be a multiplier for us," Fontenot said on Cousins.

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