Beautiful Flower Nail Designs to Wear This Season

Pastel Petal Garden: – Start with a soft pastel base coat, such as baby pink or mint green. – Use a fine nail art brush to paint delicate flowers in various pastel shades, like lavender, peach, and baby blue.

Blooming Cherry Blossoms: – Apply a light pink or nude base coat. – Use a thin nail art brush to create branches across each nail using brown nail polish. – Paint tiny pink cherry blossoms along the branches with a dotting tool or the tip of a toothpick.

ibrant Poppy Fields: – Start with a bright red base coat to represent poppy petals. – Use a black nail art pen or thin brush to outline the shape of poppy flowers. – Fill in the outlines with black nail polish

Sunny Sunflower Blooms: – Apply a sunny yellow base coat to mimic the center of sunflowers. – Use a dotting tool or small brush to create textured centers with brown nail polish. – Paint large, overlapping petals around the center using orange or gold polish.

Elegant Rose Bouquet: – Start with a light pink or ivory base coat. – Use a fine nail art brush to paint intricate rose designs on each nail in shades of pink and red. – Add green leaves and stems to complement the roses.

Tropical Hibiscus Oasis: – Apply a vibrant coral or magenta base coat. – Use a fine brush to paint large hibiscus flowers on each nail in shades of red, pink, and orange.

Add contrasting yellow centers and green leaves for a pop of color. 

Finish with a glossy top coat to make the design shine and last longer. 

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