Bronny James longshot odds to be taken first overall in the NBA draft

The impending arrival of Bronny James in the NBA has piqued many people's interest for nearly a decade.

However, unlike his father, LeBron James' kid is not likely to be taken first overall in the 2017 NBA draft.

The odds, which stand at +100000, reflect the young athlete's turbulent journey through collegiate basketball—a road that has been anything but straightforward.

Bronny James, while not lacking in talent or dedication, has faced a number of obstacles that have hampered his exposure and viability as a top selection pick. 

Unlike his father, who bypassed college to go straight from high school to NBA glory, Bronny chose the collegiate route to refine his skills and raise his profile. 

However, his college career has been marred by difficulties both on and off the court, including health challenges that have sidelined him and limited his ability to demonstrate the full depth of his abilities. 

Many basketball experts question if Bronny is ready to compete in the NBA, let alone be drafted first overall.

LeBron James, a name synonymous with basketball prowess, has been a towering figure in both the sport and the larger cultural scene.

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