Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese set up a March Madness Iowa-LSU matchup that might break ratings records. 

 The college sports scene and the fervor surrounding the annual National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament 

 are completely foreign to a culture whose largest university sporting competition is a couple of weekends of OzTag.

  This is despite the fact that the majority of sporting phenomena in the United States can be compared to some kind of equivalent in Australia.

 March, on the other hand, has traditionally been associated with the collegiate scene due to the massive betting markets, the knockout structure,,,

  the knockout structureMany years ago, this referred to males.

 In college basketball, a dispute over inequality is sparked by gym equipment, The governing body of college basketball in the 

  United States has issued an apology to female players following the widespread dissemination of video,,,

  that revealed the disparities in facilities that exist between male and female teams at the collegiate level.

 Players such as Christian Laettner, Donte DiVincenzo, and Lorenzo Charles, who had professional careers that ranged from mediocre to nonexistent.

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