I enjoy a delicious sorbet. Check out my Hibiscus Margarita Sorbet and Mango Passion Fruit Sorbet if you don't trust me.

 There's something about a juicy frozen dessert slowly melting in your tongue that I want throughout the warmer months.

As delicious as ice cream and gelato are, a well-made sorbet is almost impossible to beat.

Today I'm offering a delightful Clementine Sorbet made with fresh juice from Darling Clementines

 I'll also give a tip for making smooth, non-icy sorbet no matter what flavor you're preparing!

In addition to its wonderful texture, this clementine sorbet has an incredible citrus flavor.

That's thanks to the freshly squeezed Darling Clementine juice--the juice to skin ratio on this fruit is high, so even though they're small, you'll get a

lot of juice per fruit. I juiced roughly sixteen clementines to get two cups of freshly squeezed, vitamin C-rich, juicy delight.

Sweetened using a simple syrup made from organic sugar and water, I also added some lime juice.

The acidity balances out the sweetness, and I like how the lime taste gives this sorbet a unique edge.

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