College basketball coaches March Madness bonuses earned: Rick Barnes already at $1 million

 No NCAA Division I public school men's basketball coach received $1 million in performance bonuses for the 2022–2023 season.

  As the NCAA Tournament is shaping up, Rick Barnes of Tennessee may have company. 

  Barnes has already reached that point this season, according to a USA TODAY Sports study of coaches' contracts.

 The coaches of the three No. 1 seeded teams will receive $1 million if their team wins the national championship,,,

  without taking into account the amounts that schools may wind up paying for the achievement of goals like coach-of-the-year awards that have not yet been disclosed and team academic benchmarks.

 Nearly identical totals could be reached by two other coaches, and two more have reached milestones that triggered multi-million dollar contract extensions.

 In their 2023 NCAA men's tournament match at Madison Square Garden, Tennessee coach Rick Barnes leads his team against Florida Atlantic.

 Two football coaches—Jim Harbaugh of Michigan, who is currently with the Los Angeles Chargers of the NFL, and Kalen DeBoer of Washington,,,

  who is currently with Alabama—received on-field incentives totaling more than $1 million in 2023.

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