Dates are the key to nutritionally rich smoothies.

To add a touch of natural sweetness to your next morning smoothie without using artificial sweeteners or extra swirls of honey, grab a handful of dates. 

The dried, wrinkly bursts of fruit not only provide excellent taste to your smoothies 

but they may also assist produce thicker textures for more satisfyingly smooth recipes.  

Furthermore, with a nutritional profile that includes antioxidants and key minerals such as fiber 

magnesium, iron, and vitamin B, these bite-sized pieces can help prevent disease and keep you feeling strong. 

After downing your cardamom and date-infused tahini smoothie, you'll be ready to take on the day. 

When incorporating dates into your favorite smoothie recipe, try adding pieces of the fruit early in the blending process.  

Dates may take longer to blend than other ingredients after the hard seeds have been removed.  

Though you may not mind fishing small pieces out of the bottom of your glass 

it is not ideal if you want a smooth beverage to drink quickly or intend to consume your smoothie with a straw.  

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