Deion Sanders lands himself in hot water: Colorado coach breaks rule on Dominican Republic trip

If you're the football coach at Colorado University, there's one thing you never do. For a split second,  

Deion Sanders may have broken this golden rule. Before getting himself into a lot of difficulty, the coach was on his way to a spring break trip to the Dominican Republic.  

Following his mishap on the isolated Caribbean island, the Hall of Famer started to worry about his safety.   

However, he was saved a few hours later after pleading for assistance on Instagram.  

As the Prime Effect continues, several schools are apparently interested in Coach Prime.  

But on his trip back to Boulder, the 56-year-old football coach might encounter some criticism.

 Sanders was spotted sporting a pair of red Beats by Dre headphones around his neck in one photo that he posted to social media.

Sanders is free to choose whether or not to use branded headphones; the NCAA does not have any laws against it.

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