German Track Star Alica Schmidt in Workout Gear Shares "Training Camp Looks"

Alica Schmidt, a German runner, enjoys mixing up her running costumes and regularly wears bright, joyful colors for training and tournaments. 

 Schmidt, 25, released a video reel of herself posing in various fitness attire, much to the delight of her 5 million Instagram followers. "Training camp looks

," she captioned the image. Here's how the stunning athlete trains, eats, and prepares for recovery.

Schmidt's training focuses on gaining strength. "About 30 percent of my training is strength-focused," she told Women's Health.

The majority of my regimen includes explosive and effective full-body exercises. This is quite beneficial, and I would recommend similar routines to anyone.

 I also work on strengthening and regulating my leg muscles through traditional exercises like squats and lunges.

Schmidt has a healthy diet with less red meat. "I eat intuitively and listen to the signals my body gives me," she told Women's Health.

I eat a well-balanced diet and consume less meat. I wouldn't leave the house without munchies.

My pack always has a few nutrition bars, electrolytes, and maybe Tupperware containers of carrot cake or banana bread. Preparation is also very crucial here!"

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