Horoscope For March 27, 2024 — The Moon Enters Scorpio

We are still within the three-day power window that occurs before and after a full moon.  

On March 27, 2024, the Sun will be in Aries, while the Moon will enter the gloom of Scorpio.   

This is a potent moment for manifestation in astrology. Here's how this energy will impact your horoscope.  

Require a loan application? Your solar house of secrets and shared resources, Scorpio,

is where the Moon is now. Find out what special deals or programs your bank, small community bank, or financial center has by doing a little research.

You can learn that you possess a quality you were unaware of.

First and foremost, Mars in Pisces is the key astrological benefactor. So, if you allow your creative side to take over,   

you will unintentionally draw cosmic favors no matter where you are.   

Must submit a loan application? The Moon moves into Scorpio, the shared resource and secret house of your solar system

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