How Nail Art Became Beauty’s Biggest Trend

 Have you ever created a piece of art that was so audacious that its creator was contacted by the United States Department of the Treasury to discuss it.

 It was the manicure that Bernadette Thompson, a nail artist, performed for Lil' Kim on set in the late 

 1990s that sparked a sequence of events that ultimately led to her becoming the first nail artist to be shown in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

 This is the story that Bernadette Thompson gets to tell about the manicure.

 According to Thompson, "on sets back then, they wanted plain nails and they wanted them to be beige, sheer pink, or clear.

 "The only thing she possessed were really short nails! Consequently, I went to my wallet, removed some money, broke it up, and then performed a French manicure on my nails.

 The end effect, which is now commonly referred to as money nails, served as a watershed point in the history of hip-hop and beauty cultures.

  After the look became global before the internet did, it caught the attention of the Treasury Department,,,

  who reminded Thompson that it was against the law to deface dollar bills.

 She continues, "Fast forward nearly twenty years, and I get a call from the Museum of Modern Art.

 “Never in my wildest dreams did I think anything I did would be in a Picasso and Basquiat museum.”

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