How The 2024 Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Effects All 12 Zodiac Signs Until April 8

I tried to make myself better for you.” The March 25th Libra Full Moon Eclipse is upon us, and the message for all zodiac signs is to honor our deep needs to be loved and where we were desperate to fill those needs within codependent, toxic relationships. 

Since the Earth is blocking the Moon's rays, you can still see the light from the eclipse, which is known as a partial or penumbral eclipse.   

Eclipses are recognized for causing disruptions. The first one of this year brings about unique changes that continue until the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse in Aries,  

while some can endure up to six months.  

Wherever Libra appears in your chart, sweet justice and redemption are reflected by the Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse.   

A perspective on oneself known as "eclipsed out" begins to take shape as you learn what sets you apart in the midst of an uncertain future.  

It feels like a bittersweet destiny for you to finally end this connection now that the south node is here.  

Despite being a natural tendency, arguments are what will set you free in your new environment.   


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