In pictures: the community and charm of nail shops around the globe

 Terry's Nail Shop is located in downtown Allman Town, a small neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica, behind a few government office buildings.

  The shop, which is housed in Terry's boyhood home, serves a diverse clientele from all walks of life.

 According to photographer Constanze Han, "even people who aren't getting their nails done will go there to catch up on what's going on in the community 

 "individuals will leave items for other individuals to pick up with her. Parents have even left their children waiting there.

  Vendors of produce and food are aware to stop there as well.

 She has trained and employed women from her neighborhood. 

 Over the years that Han has worked in Kingston, one of her favorite places to go is Terry's.

 Terry's is a barbershop, which is what it serves as in certain communities. It's a cozy and secure place. 

 But it's not only Kingston; Han has a network of nail artists who she looks forward to visiting wherever she goes, from Mexico City to Naples to London.

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