Ja Morant's Hidden Nike Heels Are The Internet Breaker  

Sneaker Development: Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies is in the process of creating his inaugural signature Nike sneaker, stirring excitement among fans. 

"Citrus" Edition Reveal: The unreleased "Citrus" edition of Morant's Ja 1 sneakers gains traction on social media platforms, capturing the attention of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. 

Social Media Buzz: Posts featuring the vibrant "Citrus" colorway garner significant engagement, with views reaching into the hundreds of thousands. 

NBA Influence: Mismatched shoes, a trend in the NBA, are exemplified in Morant's "Citrus" edition, adding to its appeal. 

Versatile Design: The Ja 1's sleek silhouette offers versatility in color schemes, appealing to a broad audience of basketball fans. 

Off-Court Appeal: Despite his hiatus from the court, Morant's signature Nike sneakers continue to gain popularity, solidifying his presence in the sneaker community. 

Speculation and Anticipation: With Nike yet to confirm details about the unreleased sneakers, fans eagerly await updates and announcements, fueling anticipation. 

Community Excitement: Sneakerheads and basketball enthusiasts alike eagerly await the opportunity to add Morant's unreleased Nike kicks to their collections, contributing to the buzz surrounding the sneakers. 

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