Ja Morant's Unreleased Nike Shoes: A Social Media Sensation 

Ja Morant's Signature Sneaker: The Memphis Grizzlies player, Ja Morant, is developing his first signature Nike sneaker, generating anticipation among fans. 

"Citrus" Edition Virality: An unpublished version of Morant's Ja 1 sneakers, dubbed the "Citrus" edition, goes viral on social media platforms. 

Internet Frenzy: The vibrant colorway of the "Citrus" edition, a mismatch of orange and green, spreads rapidly across the internet. 

Social Media Engagement: Initial posts about the "Citrus" edition receive hundreds of thousands of views, fueled by Morant's response and engagement. 

NBA Trend: Mismatched shoes have become a trend in the NBA, with stars embracing sneakers of various colors. 

Versatile Design: The Ja 1's clean silhouette allows for diverse color schemes, making it appealing to basketball fans of all ages and skill levels. 

Off-Court Popularity: Despite awaiting his return to the court, Morant's signature Nike sneakers gain popularity off the court. 

Anticipation and Speculation: Fans eagerly await updates from Nike and Morant about the potential release of the unreleased kicks, fueling excitement in the sneaker community. 

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