Katy Perry Says She Can 'Never' Sing This Song Again After Kelly Clarkson's Cover

Katy Perry is undoubtedly wide awake, thinking about Kelly Clarkson's recent version of one of her hit songs.

The "Roar" singer took to Instagram earlier this week to retaliate to Clarkson, who performed Perry's popular 2012 song, "Wide Awake," on an episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

The "American Idol" alum sang the song onstage as part of a recurring section on the show dubbed

"Kellyoke." On Tuesday, Clarkson shared an Instagram video of her interpretation of the song.

"Ok dang, I can never sing that again," Perry commented on the page. (Watch Clarkson's full performance below.)

Clarkson's nostalgic interpretation of Perry's song comes just weeks after the "Teenage Dream"

singer made a 2000s-era fashion statement at Billboard's Women in Music event earlier this month.

Perry attended the event dressed in a crimson corset ensemble designed by Ellie Misner.

 Her ensemble also included an exposed thong and butterfly-themed special effects body art

The "Firework" singer kept the Y2K party going by showing off her outfit in an Instagram slideshow posted on March 7.

 She captioned the photo with words from Crazy Town's 1999 single "Butterfly."

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