Keanu Reeves Had Shirts Made for 20+ Dead Stunt Performers;

When John Wick: Chapter 4 was released last year, it not only received an astounding 94% rating , 

from critics and 93% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, but it also had the best opening of the entire series.   

Returning for the action film was Keanu Reeves, who is renowned for lending invaluable skills to the John Wick stunt squad.   

During a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, director Chad Stahelski discussed how Reeves gave , 

each stunt team member in John Wick: Chapter 4 a t-shirt that listed how many times they were killed in the film.   

several of the stunt performers were utilized again in the movie, some of them suffered more than 20 deaths in total.   

Stahelski also praised Reeves' work ethic and provided an explanation for the actor's skill throughout the conversation.  

Keanu went and picked up a little something. He had these shirts that said, 'The 20 and overs,' 'The 15 and overs,' and 'The 10 and overs.'" 

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