Kevin Costner's Western films are reportedly facing BTS problems as the actor fights for sequels.

Horizon: An American Saga, Kevin Costner's two-part epic Western, is apparently having major issues with its planned third and fourth installments. 

Horizon: An American Saga, Kevin Costner's proposed two-part Western, is apparently having production troubles with its planned sequels. 

Costner's résumé demonstrates that he has always been drawn to Westerns, and he is about to make his greatest dive into the genre yet, with a two-part epic due out this summer. 

Horizon: An American Saga is a big passion project for the actor, who directs, produces, writes, and stars. 

As the release date for Horizon: An American Saga approaches, Hollywood journalist Matthew Belloni claims in his Puck newsletter that Costner's planned third and fourth chapters are facing severe finance challenges.  

While parts one and two are scheduled for release in June and August, respectively, parts three and four have yet to begin production, and the celebrity is reportedly having difficulty obtaining backers for the films.  

According to Belloni, Costner is hard at work pitching the threequel to investors, but has had little success thus far. 

The finance situation for the first two Horizon films is fairly unclear, with a number of anonymous investors and Costner himself putting money into the project.  

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