Korean Bliss: 5 Healthy & Tasty Side Dishes to Elevate Your Meal!

Do you like Korean food? If so, try these recipes at home. These are tasty and easy to make.   

We started with ramen and kimchi and are now eating this spicy and rich food.   

These quick and tasty Korean side dishes can be made at home and served with your favorite meals.   

1. Korean Soy sprouts   Avoid unhealthy sides and try tasty Korean Soybean Sprouts. The side dish has a delicate flavor from garlic, sesame oil, scallions, and salt. The yellow part of soybean sprouts tastes nutty, whereas the white part is crunchy.   

2. Spicy Korean Rice Cake   Try Spicy Korean Rice Cakes for chewiness and heat. Korean street cuisine is sweet and spicy. You can serve this with hot soup or delicious glass noodles. These require pounded rice, garlic, and gochujang.  

3. Kimchi    Kimchi, the Korean pickle, goes with everything. This dish is full of flavor, tanginess, and spiciness. This is made by fermenting cabbages or radishes in a jar with oil, garlic, chili, etc. More storage improves it.  

4. Korean Sesame Broccoli   Broccoli is one of the healthiest year-round vegetables. Serve flavourful Korean Sesame Broccoli with any dish. This dish requires blanching broccoli and topping it with sesame oil, seeds, salt, and pepper.  

5. Korean Cucumber Salad   Korean Cucumber Salad is a popular side dish. Simply chop cucumbers and season them with gochujang, salt, and oil.  

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