La La Land Musical: Everything We Know About The Broadway Show

The memorable soundtrack and fusion of modern narratives and traditional musical elements in La La Land earned the film widespread acclaim and six Academy Awards.  

The inclusion of Bartlett Sher, a Tony Award-winning director, in the Broadway adaptation lends credibility and potential to the undertaking.  

The enduring popularity of the film's music is underscored by the success of the La La Land in Concert series, which also paves the way for a comprehensive Broadway musical adaptation.  

La La Land, one of the most critically acclaimed musicals of the twenty-first century, will have a Broadway musical adaptation,   

ensuring that its immediate legacy lives on. Debuting in 2016, the mesmerizing musical film swiftly engrossed both audiences and critics with its sentimental homage to the heyday of Hollywood musicals.    

Damien Chazelle's finest film, La La Land, is an exuberant ode to Los Angeles and the aspirations that the city symbolizes.   

The narrative centers on the fervent courtship of Sebastian, an ardent jazz musician, and Mia, an aspiring actress,   

as they confront the tribulations and successes that accompany the pursuit of their artistic aspirations.  

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