Mocha Cherry Smoothie

This mocha cherry smoothie contains frozen cherries, cold brew, and chocolate protein powder in one delightful serving. You'll like the powerful flavor and energy boost provided by the coffee. 

Summer isn't finished yet, so smoothies are still on my mind! And this morning, I had the ideal cherry smoothie to offer.  

It contains a small amount of coffee to boost your energy, as well as a small amount of chocolate protein powder. 

Finally, it contains a small amount of fruit and protein powder, so you can feel good about sipping chocolate for breakfast! 

You may make this smoothie with either fresh or frozen cherries. I enjoy purchasing fresh cherries in the summer, but if you don't want to pit 1/3 cup for this smoothie, I completely understand.  

Frozen cherries are ideal for this smoothie since they keep it cool and thick. In my opinion, more frozen components are better. Especially on these steamy, sweltering days! 

If you've never put coffee to a smoothie before, now is the time to start. I started doing this a few years ago when I needed a caffeine boost but also wanted to get some beneficial nutrients in to start the day!  

Coffee alone can induce a blood sugar rise, but adding fruit, almond milk, and protein powder helps to balance the drink. 

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