Niagara Falls declares state of emergency ahead of April 8 total eclipse as 1M expected

In anticipation of the complete eclipse on April 8, Niagara Falls, Canada, has declared a state of emergency due to the anticipated influx of one million tourists into the area.

In anticipation of the anticipated surge of tourists going to witness the total solar eclipse in early April,

 the Ontario side of the falls has begun to make preparations.

National Geographic has named the well-known falls as one of the greatest locations to witness an eclipse,

 a phenomenon not seen in the region since 1979. The city is in the moon's path, where it will completely obscure the sun for a brief period of time.

.With an estimated 1 million visitors anticipated on April 8, Mayor Jim Diodati said the city would witness the highest number of visitors in a single day. 

The city receives 14 million visits annually on average.

Declaring a state of emergency on Thursday will enable the city to carry out further planning in anticipation of increased demand for emergency services,

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