On Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande mixes house music with 'a little R'n'B.

Ariana Grande's new album, 'Eternal Sunshine,' features "house music and a little R&B." 

The 30-year-old star's label boss has hinted at what fans may expect from the highly anticipated follow-up to 2020's 'Positions'.  

In a new behind-the-scenes video published by Ariana on Instagram this week, Republic Records co-president Wendy Goldstein stated: "Between you and Max [Martin], it'll just be perfect."   

The voices are excellent. The shifts, tempos, house music, and a little R&B. It's you.   

It's like an upgraded version of all the previous albums, like 'Sweetener' crossed with 'Thank U, Next'.  

Fans have already heard the lead track, 'Yes, And?'  

which has since received a remix starring Mariah Carey, and they will not hear any more singles until the album is released next month.  

The Grammy winner previously stated that she wants her fans to listen to the entire album when it is released on March 8, rather than being fed the material piece by piece.  

She posted on her Instagram Story earlier this month: "We are a little over a month away from 'Eternal Sunshine'   

and I don't believe it's possible to express how grateful I am for your love, support, and excitement!  

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