One-Card Tarot Reading For All Zodiac Signs On March 25, 2024


Keep your chin up. Rain or shine, February 26 is set to be a fantastic day. Plan to do something just for yourself and be really present.


As the expression goes, you can select your friends, but not your family. Today, a relative's ability to make decisions may be called into question.   


Rules are meant to be broken, but there are times when you must strictly adhere to one or two of them. Today, pushing the boundaries will not be effective.  


Nobody loves waiting for another person. A late date may make you wonder if they detest you or don't respect your time.  


You can be either a follower or a leader. Being a leader is thinking ahead of the curve and doing your best to actively seek solutions rather than waiting for others to provide them to you.  


You're in a position to receive a blessing. Consider what comes your way as a heavenly appointment from the stars themselves.   


You have a wonderful relationship going, Libra, and now that you appear to have more options, it can be tempting to break up with your current love interest to see if there is something better out there.   


Oh no! Everything was going great for you. It appeared that all of your difficulties had been resolved, but today has shown you that there is still one more thing you need to address.   


What's the hurry? You want to rush toward something you desperately want, yet doing so misses the goal of the entire adventure: joy. Be fully present so that you can recall all of the positive events.   


There is a reason why powerful people tell their life tales. Their struggles and tribulations allow them to recognize how far they've come and appreciate the beauty of healed suffering.  


It is better to pursue what you are good at than not; remember, even General Sherman trees started as seeds.  


Embracing your feminine energy does not mean suppressing your power, but rather bringing it forward beautifully. Words are powerful, and kind ones are persuading.   


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