‘Oppenheimer’ Finally Premieres In Japan to Mixed Reactions and High Emotion

The country where two towns were destroyed 79 years ago by nuclear weapons created by the American scientist who was the subject of the Oscar-winning film finally saw the release of Oppenheimer on Friday. 

It makes sense that Japanese moviegoers' responses were conflicted and intensely sentimental.

Toshiyuki Mimaki, who was three years old when the bombing of Hiroshima occurred, 

 His highlights include the chills he gets whenever someone is invited to join the Opry,

stated he has always been enthralled with the tale of J. Robert Oppenheimer, 

who is widely referred to as "the father of the atomic bomb" due to his leadership of the Manhattan Project.

He replied, sorrowfully, over the phone to The Associated Press, "What were the Japanese thinking, 

carrying out the attack on Pearl Harbor, starting a war they could never hope to win."

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