Optical illusion is ‘spot on’ at telling if you’re kind-hearted or more cynical

 It can be inferred from this optical illusion whether you are more of a "realist and cynic" or whether you "can be quite gullible".

 While optical illusions frequently assess your visual abilities, this peculiar image is a personality test that purports to determine your level of positivity or negativity.

 Online optical illusionist Mia Yilin has released a brainteaser that has gone popular, claiming that if you take the time to focus on it, it might reveal a lot about your personality.

 When they look closely, most people perceive a cat, depending on their perspective, walking up or down a set of steps.

 What meets the eye first will reveal if you are a more cynical person who struggles to appreciate life's simple pleasures or a kind-hearted person who can occasionally be a little naive.

 Mia's admirers are astounded by this confusing image's accuracy.

 One user said, "Wow, this was so true for me," and another said, "This was spot on, as always, you're correct!" in the comment area.

 Those around you appreciate your positive outlook and know they can always rely on you because of your helpful demeanor.

 You frequently exhibit extreme optimism and have little trouble appreciating anything in your life.

  But keep in mind that not everyone has the same level of optimism for others as you do, and that sometimes you can be overly trusting.

 You have a golden heart, but you can also be very credulous, Mia observed. 

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