A good chia pudding has eluded me for some time. Upon first discovery, I may have gone a bit chia pudding crazy and needed a break.

I had my doubts about chia pudding before, but this Raspberry Matcha Chia Pudding has restored my faith in the superfood.

A chilled no-cook dessert called chia seed pudding can be produced by mixing chia seeds with any kind of liquid, such as almond or coconut milk

, or even fruit purée, and then chilling the mixture until it forms a pudding-like consistency. Easy as pie!

If at all possible, follow the recipe to the letter when it comes to the ratio.

Easy to spoon Four parts liquid to one part chia is the standard ratio for chia puddings.

 The proportions change somewhat when we incorporate Greek yoghurt into this chia pudding recipe.

As far as foods go, chia pudding is kind of like a blank canvas. I couldn't help but get excited when 

 I imagined the layers of this Raspberry Matcha Chia Pudding, which are light pink and green. The possibilities are unlimited.

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