“Save a Few Spots”: Deion Sanders Throws Support Behind Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s UFL Launch by Advocating for CU Buffs Star

The Rock and Deion Sanders made an appearance together and posed for pictures. You read that correctly. 

Attendees swarm Choctaw Stadium in Texas for the United Football League opener.

On Saturday, March 30, Coach Prime of the Colorado Buffaloes was present at the league's inaugural game. 

The Extreme Football League (XFL) and the United States Football League (USFL) played separately until 2023

Sanders visited to show support for Dwyane Johnson, the league's co-owner, after the two leagues decided to unite in 2024.

 but according to Crwoder, he is really giving the boys more self-assurance. In response to the criticism that Sanders' border will not be well-liked by teams, Crowder stated,

After presenting the postgame activities following the UFL opening, Coach Prime could not contain his excitement. 

Deion Sanders posed with The Rock to his right, flashing his trademark grin from ear to ear.

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