Stranger Things Season 5 BTS images show character reunions, a new location, and a time jump clue.

As filming for Stranger Things season 5 begins, co-creator Ross Duffer has posted several set photographs, including new locations and a reunion between Joe Keery and Maya Hawke.  

Netflix's hit sci-fi series premiered in 2016 and will return with a two-volume season 4 in 2022. Season 5 will wrap up the plot following the events of a disaster that struck Hawkins in season 4. 

After publishing a Stranger Things season 5 core cast photo to indicate that filming for the final season has begun, Duffer has published a series of production photos on his own Instagram. Check them out below. 

Along with a photo of Keery and Hawke reuniting to reprise their roles as Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley, as well as Natalie Dyer and Charlie Heaton's on-set chairs before their returns as Nancy Wheeler 

Jonathan Byers, the showrunner released many images from one of the show's sets. Along with different junk food containers, personal notes, and what appears to be a makeshift chicken doorbell to a control room, other objects may confirm a previously established narrative aspect.  

A copy of Planing, Shaping, and Slotting resembling a 1988 edition can be found behind the poster for Pink Floyd's The Wall, implying at least a two-year time gap. 

While the majority of Hawkins' heroes survived and reunited in Stranger Things season 4's cataclysmic finale, many have wondered how the world would be transformed if the Upside Down and Earth almost merged. 

The season finale depicted Hawkins in a state of crisis, with temporary crisis centers constructed in schools as officials attempted to restore order. With at least two years presumably passing. 

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