“Teams Don’t Care What Deion (Sanders) Says”: Channing Crowder Drops a Bold Take on Coach Prime’s Comments on Shedeur’s NFL Future

For his boys, Deion Sanders only has the finest intentions. He recently stated unequivocally that when it comes time for Shedeur and Travis to be drafted, 

they would not settle for any team. This is a contentious opinion because rookie athletes have little say over their draft position.

But Channing Crowder of the Pivot Podcast has a different perspective!

However, he was saved a few hours later after pleading for assistance on Instagram.  

Sanders has drawn a lot of criticism for setting boundaries on Shedeur and Travis's future,

 but according to Crwoder, he is really giving the boys more self-assurance. In response to the criticism that Sanders' border will not be well-liked by teams, Crowder stated,

 Sanders was spotted sporting a pair of red Beats by Dre headphones around his neck in one photo that he posted to social media.

"What Dion says doesn't matter to teams; what matters is that they are looking for the best player to improve and function well with their squad. 

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