The 7 Hermetic Lots In Astrology

Hermetic lots are a notion found largely in Hellenistic and Medieval astrology. The seven Hermetic Lots, also known as the Arabic Parts, are calculated points in astrology that are commonly employed to foretell fate and 'chance'.

The Lot of Fortune is associated with the moon and represents financial well-being, luck, the body, and health. It is your indicator of material achievement and demonstrates how you will accomplish it. 

The Lot of Fortune

While the Lot of Fortune reflects your financial wealth, or fortune as the ancients saw it, the Lot of Spirit, related with the sun, expresses power on a spiritual or intellectual level. 

The Lot of Spirit

This Lot, associated with Mercury, is about innocence, childlike curiosity, and what drew your interest as a child – and how you lost it as you grew up. It represents passionate dispute, enemies, and animosity.

Lot of Necessity

Eros was the Greek God who represented sensual love, desire, connections, and pleasure. This Lot, connected with Venus, demonstrates what fulfills our spirit, or how we fulfill our desires and attain fulfillment.

Lot of Love or Eros

Lot of Courage

This Lot is associated with Mars, the God of War, and denotes daring and courage. It emphasizes daring, fighting spirit, and how we go about standing up for what we believe in. 

Lot of Victory

The Lot of Victory represents strategy, strategic thought, and success in life. This Lot is related with Jupiter, who is connected to Zeus, the Ruler of the Gods.

Lot of Nemesis

Nemesis, like Saturn, is associated with rivalry and animosity toward those who commit crimes or those we believe should be punished for their wrongdoings.


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