The Black Rose Is The Best Bourbon Cocktail For The Weekend

Garden ornaments give appeal to your outdoor environment, whether you hang lanterns on your trees or place a curving stool near your favorite flowers  

Ingredients: – 1 oz. bourbon – 1 oz. cognac – 0.25 oz. grenadine – 3 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitter – 1 dash of Angostura Bitter – Ice – Lemon Peel

and it adds a pleasant sweet fruity layer to the iconic Sazerac while removing the aggressive absinth variable.  

The concept is the same, the execution is simple, and the results are light and tasty. 

The combination of bourbon, cognac, fruit syrup, and bitters simply works. 

The aim here is to create a basic, easy-to-make at-home cocktail that delivers. The Black Rose is an excellent choice, so let's get started! 

To prepare, you'll need a chilled rocks glass, a cocktail mixing glass, a strainer, a barspoon, a jigger, and a paring knife. 

Method: Chill the glass in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Pour the bourbon, cognac, bitters, and grenadine into a cocktail mixing glass. 

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