The Delicious Origin Of The Decadent Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Sometimes it appears that there are more cake varieties than there are stars in the sky.

From German chocolate cake (which isn't even German), to chiffon cake (which isn't sponge cake)

 to the visually appealing red velvet cake, each dessert adds something to the table.

Others, however, are less well-known but still deserve to be included in the discourse.

New York City is well-known for its culinary contributions

 And, while the city occasionally claims to have invented things it most certainly did not (the Reuben sandwich is a prime example)

 Brooklyn blackout cake is unmistakably New York-style.

Brooklyn blackout cake was originally known as "chocolate fudge cake." 

Essentially, it's a chocolate nuclear bomb that can be artificially colored with food coloring to make it more aptly named.

 It's strange to imagine that its name stems from an actual World War, but food history can be like that occasionally.

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