These Rising Nail Artists Are Taking Over The Beauty Industry One Claw At A Time

 You may be thinking, "Aid, who are the up-and-coming nail artists setting today's trends?" In the section below,,,

 ESSENCE chats with four Black nail artists about their work, the cultural influence of nails, and the tricks they've picked up over the years.

 About: I'm Melissa Samuel, a Brooklyn, New York-based full-time nail artist. I moved to the United States ten years ago, having been born and reared in London.

  My art is what I call "wearable art," the kind of art that belongs in a museum behind glass. 

  In addition to matching the client's style and look, I want my manicures to have that "wow" effect.

  I'm proud that no two sets are alike.

  I'm always pushing the limits of what's socially acceptable. I use a lot of embellishment in my work, combining textures and metallic finishes.

  I combine rhinestones with hand-drawn artwork.

 "The mix n match" has become the nickname for my style.

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