This Optical Illusion Will Tell You If You Had A Hard Year Based On What You See First!

 On TikTok, a novel optical illusion has gained popularity, professing to disclose if you prioritize material wealth over contentment and tranquility.

  The brain teaser is the most recent in a line of personality tests designed to identify different traits and abilities based on how people interpret images. 

 Mia Yilin is adamant that we can learn important things about people's cognitive processes by observing how they react to optical illusions. 

 The idea that each person's perception and interpretation of a picture would differ depending on their underlying ideas is the foundation for most of the content creators' TikTok channel videos.

 In his latest experiment, Yilin asks viewers to identify which element they notice first in an image of the sky with chemical trails like a bird.

 Released from the brainteaser expert's large (over 456,000) TikTok following, the video was posted there.

 "What is the first thing you notice in this image?"

 "If you were the first to see the sky, your greatest strength would be your self-control," Mia said.

  When these individuals create goals for themselves, they are obsessive about achieving them and won't stop until they do. 

 Yilin said, "What you wish for isn't wealth and riches, "But rather a peace and happiness with those you." 

 Mia thinks that if you were the one who first noticed the bird, this past year has been the most trying and stressful one for you.

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