What are Fava Beans?

Favas are intriguing peas that are halfway between pea and bean. Favas, often known as broad beans, are vivid green.

Favas are delicious fresh, cooked, or as a crunchy snack. A fast steam doesn't affect their color.

Broad beans, or favas, have strong stems and huge green pods. Though traditionally a spring crop, favas are produced year-round due of their durability. 

The peel of fresh fava beans must be removed before eating, therefore many people forgo them and use canned ones.

Canned fava beans are few, although they exist. Processing means cooking and removing the skins, making them ideal for blended dips. 

Farmers markets sell fresh favas in late spring and early summer. Favas are usually dry and brown in the off-season.

A tinge of nuttiness and a buttery, creamy texture characterize fresh favas. Fresher favas taste gentler, so dry ones taste stronger.

Favas offer tasty vegetarian snacks in any flavor. They pick up salt and pepper or wasabi dusting powder well. Fast cooking intensifies the green hue and makes fava beans silky soft.


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