Which zodiac sign divorces most? All is revealed by an astrologer.

In Margaret Atwood's novel "Surfacing," she compares divorce to amputation, suggesting that it leaves a lasting impact on one's identity. 

The current era seems to be marked by a high number of divorced individuals, often referred to as the walking wounded.

There are numerous reasons for divorce, ranging from personality changes to infidelity, incorrect power dynamics, and even extreme cases of harm like spiking drinks or hiring hitmen. 

A TikTok famous divorce attorney argues that individuals married to professionals in high-pressure professions (pilots, soldiers, cops, surgeons) are more prone to unhappiness in their marriages. 

The COVID-19 lockdown led to an increase in divorce rates, likely due to the strain of spending extended periods in close quarters. 

Research suggests that married couples who met through dating apps have a higher likelihood of getting divorced compared to those who met through other means. 

Divorce is often a result of toxic dynamics created by both partners. 

The emotional and psychological toll of divorce can leave individuals with a diminished sense of self. 

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