Will Kevin Costner Return for Yellowstone's Final Episodes?

In what may be the most or least surprising Yellowstone report to arrive eight months before its final Season 5 episodes air,

sorta-former series lead Kevin Costner is reportedly once again interested in working out a way to make his on-screen return as John Dutton, despite months and months of updates 

 pointing to the Oscar winner's departure from the small-screen western drama. Is there a chance that the show's final season will reunite

the complete main cast?The answer to that issue is as unknown as it has been in the recent past, with the possible proviso that Costner may wish to return to finish John Dutton's story. 

This apparent shift in strategy is reported by Puck News (via ET), which claims that rumors of more John Dutton are spread by none other than Costner himself.

According to the publication, the actor and filmmaker, whose upcoming western film Horizon: An American Saga debuted with a massive first teaser in February, has spoken

with others about his aspirations to appear in the second half of Season 5. In terms of quantity, Costner has confirmed he will make at least one cameo appearance in one of the episodes,

 with the option of more.It's a fate that many fans were undoubtedly hoping for, because it would be upsetting for such a large series to end

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