Xtraordinary Names: Unique Baby Names Beginning with X 

Xander - Meaning "defender of the people," Xander is a Greek name often used as a shortened form of Alexander. 

Xavier - With origins in Basque and Arabic, Xavier means "bright" or "splendid." It's associated with Saint Francis Xavier, a prominent Catholic missionary. 

Xanthe - Derived from Greek mythology, Xanthe means "yellow" or "blonde." It was the name of one of the Oceanids, nymphs of the sea. 

Ximena - This Spanish name means "listener" or "hearkening." It's derived from the name Simon, but has gained popularity as a standalone name. 

Xiomara - Of Spanish and Basque origin, Xiomara means "famous warrior." It exudes strength and resilience. 

Xenia - Originating from Greek, Xenia signifies "hospitality" or "guest-friendship." It's a name that reflects warmth and generosity. 

Xavi - Short for Xavier, Xavi carries the same meaning of brightness and splendor. 

Xyla - A modern and unique name, Xyla has no specific meaning but evokes a sense of individuality and creativity. 

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